Champion Juicer G5-PG710 – Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer Review

If you’re in search of masticating juicers in the market, you will find lots of options to choose from. With the numerous brands and manufacturers in the industry of juicers, you will always get the one that best suits to your needs. However, only some of them are recommended.

Champion juicers have maintained their reputation and fit the bill in terms of quality throughout the years. It may seem that each time a new juicer is introduced in the marketplace from this brand, it receives the highest mark from their happy and satisfied buyers. Champion Juicer G5-PG710 kept their reputation in place, which is quality dependable juicer that makes the best juices.

With this in mind, you can guarantee that you will only get nothing but the best out of this masticating juicer from Champion. So, if you don’t want to buy a low quality unit, choose the Champion G5-PG710 instead.

Champion Juicer G5-PG710 Review

Champion Juicer G5-PG710Important Features of Champion Juicer G5-PG710

Champion Juicer G5-PG710 is not just an average masticating juicer as it is commercial grade. It works through squeezing and dicing fruits and vegetables to extract the juice. It is also made to get rid of heat buildup with the centrifugal machines. The heat damages the nutrients found in the fresh produce and this lessens the shelf life of juice to just twenty-four hours.

It is known for its durability and power. Engineered with 650W and 1/3 horsepower motor, this is a mighty juicer that is designed to last. If you like to juice for healing or health purposes, this exceptional masticating juicer is worth your investment.

Equipped with other incomparable features, this juicer will make juicing hassle-free, regardless of the vegetables or fruits you want to juice. If cleaning up is your concern, Champion G5-PG710 will never give you problems.

Feature Benefits of Champion Juicer G5-PG710

Easy to Clean Up and Simple to Operate: Champion Juicer G5-PG710 has been made for end-users making it easy and simple to use. It has also a floating cutter that you may slide off of the shaft that makes cleanup a breeze. Aside from that, it has 1.75 inch feeding chute so you may add bigger vegetables without the need to spend lots of time to prepare for the smaller pieces.

Cutting Blades Are Made of Stainless Steel: You will not have to worry about the blades of this juicer becoming twisted, tarnished, separating or dull. They are strong stainless steel blades, which keep their shape even when you are juicing the hardest vegetables. Champion Juicer G5-PG710 squeezes and dices your fruits and vegetables into powerful drinks that have fiber and enzymes you need for keeping you healthy. The process of mastication enables food to break down into juices without buildup of heat that may damage the trace enzymes, vitamins, and minerals inside the produce.

Juices a Variety of Produce: Champion G5-PG710 may turn the following kinds of vegetables and fruits into a delicious drink that will provide you the nutrition you require to live a healthier lifestyle. Some of these include melon, cabbage, peppers, kiwi, apples, tomatoes, celery, and pineapple.

Homogenizer is a Huge Benefit: This masticating juicer from Champion can easily switch from an amazing juicer to homogenizer by switching a single part. Through the process of homogenizing, you will be able to make your own baby foods, ice cream, sorbets, fruit sauces, muesli, purees, and so on.

Made in the US: If you want shopping close to your home, it is a great to know that this Champion Juicer G5-PG710 is made in the US. While you are enjoying your nutritious drinks, you will also be contributing to the economy of the USA. It may be a good model for home use, but also its performance is almost the same as the commercial grade juicers in the market. With a 650W power, it is an efficient unit, which delivers drinks that taste like they’ve been prepared fresh from the farm.


  • Available in 2 colors and these are black and white.
  • Automatic pulp ejection for juicing continuously.
  • Optional attachments for milling and homogenizing, so it is a versatile juicer.
  • Every juicing part is made with stainless steel and food-grade nylon.
  • Commercial grade juicer ideal for business use.


  • A bit heavy as it weighs twenty six pounds.
  • Relatively noisy
  • The extra attachments can be costly.
  • The juicer isn’t dishwasher-safe.
  • Not great at juicing some leafy greens for the reason that it has high RPM and needs other attachments.


Q: What material is the stem and chute made out of?

A: It is made of high quality plastic material.

Q: Can it juice wheatgrass?

A: Not really. The brand sells another attachment for wheatgrass juicing and it is sold separately.

Q: Where is it manufactured?

A: It is made in the USA and not in China.

Insider Tips

For you to make most of Champion G5-PG710, you need to follow the package instructions for the assembly of the juicer. Trim, wash, and prepare everything you want on juicing before you start. Turn on the juicer before feeding the items inside the feeding chamber. Start and proceed to feeding produce until you’ve juiced everything. Then, turn off the juicer. Disassemble it and rinse some of its parts. You may use a brush for cleaning the screen and after that, store it properly.


Champion Juicer G5-PG710 is a heavy duty commercial grade juicer. It is also a high rated and recommended masticating juicer. Consisting of durable food-grade nylon, the unit was designed by the brand to meet one’s needs for a masticating juicer. Other than being sturdy, Champion G5-PG710 is also a good choice for extracting juice from vegetables to fruits and with its 1725 rpm, you can easily fill a glass of juice.

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