Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review

With juicing being a hot trend these days among men and women alike from different parts of the globe, the need for the best juicing machines has become even more apparent. Various brands have come up with their own versions of juicers. Unfortunately, many of these don’t really live up to expectations. Thankfully, masticating juicers have proven themselves different from the ordinary juicers. The Omega brand is one of the most in demand names among people who are looking for the best masticating juicer.

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is a machine made to help you extract more juice from your green leafy veggies like kale, arugula, and spinach. With this, you can be sure that you will be getting more from every wheatgrass or kale leaf you put in. Aside from extracting more, this also produces less foam, resulting to longer storage times of as much as 72 hours in air-tight mason jars.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review

Omega J8006

Important Features of Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer boasts of a juicing screen and auger made from Ultem that is 8 times stronger compared to plastics. Its round feed chute measures 1.5 inches. This is also more than a simple juicer as it can make peanut butter, sorbets, crush coffee beans, and make pasta with the different tools included in the package. This makes use of a gear reduction motor equivalent to 2 horsepower, rotating at only 8- RPM, which reduces the amount of air that goes into the juice. Since there is less oxidation, you can store the produced juice refrigerated for as much as 72 hours. This makes use of a slow masticating system for extracting juice from the produce.

Feature Benefits of Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Slow Speed Juicer:- The Omega J8006 is a type of masticating juicer, or also known as slow speed juicer. Since this spins at just 80 RPM, it cannot get into a marathon race with speedy centrifugal juicers which can reach up to 14,000RPM for its speed. However, users have found out that slow speed is far from being bad as it has its own set of benefits.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Lesser Foam and Longer Shelf Life:- The juice you can produce with J8006 has less foam unlike one you will get using a centrifugal juicer. In addition, you can store the juice for as much as 3 days with no need to worry that it will go bad. It is because slow speed doesn’t oxidize the juice in as much as a centrifugal juicer does. It is not a secret that centrifugal juicers generate so much heat when being used. It potentially damages the vitamins found in the juice. With Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer, you can be sure that no heat will build up in this machine. It is also imperative for the motor since excessive heat shortens its lifespan.

Lower Noise Levels:- If this is not enough, slow speed also guarantees lower noise levels, and no one will think that there is a landing helicopter nearby, as what happens with centrifugal juicers.

Higher Yield:- According to Omega, slow speed can also help in the extraction of more enzymes and vitamins. Its dual stage processing system is a real blessing as you can see that the pulp that comes out is very dry, thus resulting to a higher yield.

Perfect for Greens:- As mentioned earlier, cold press juicers are particularly great with greens and the J8006 surprisingly excels here. It also handles soft fruits with remarkable ease so you can enjoy its use to the fullest.

However, you might notice that it can get clogged up when juicing softer fruits. If it happens, the trick is to press the reverse button two or three times. In addition, you can also use the plunger for pushing the food down its chute in case it gets stuck.

Since its chute is a bit smaller, it might be best not to overfeed it so that you will not stress it out.


  • The pulp is very dry, which means that you can get more juice.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can store the juice for as much as 72 hours.
  • It has low noise operation.
  • This looks elegant.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It has an awesome 15-year warranty.


  • The small feed chute requires more preparation time.
  • Its slow speed means you will need more time for producing your juice.


Q: Does it produce smooth juice or can you feel the fiber’s texture?

A: Most juices will come out smooth with little to no fiber at al. If there are fibers at all, these are often soft.

Q:  Which is healthier: without pulp or with pulp?

A: It will actually depend on your objectives. Pulp has more fiber aside from the nutrients but clear liquid allows a more efficient absorption of nutrients into your system.

Insider Tips

It is best not to use Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer for sugar cane since the mesh screen and auger is not hard enough for crushing sugar cane. For vegetables such as cucumber and fruits like apple, you will have to pre-cut first so it can fit through the tiny round chute which measures 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter.


Even though the Omega J8006 is a masticating juicer that is more expensive compared to its centrifugal juicers since this can make up for this price difference with the simple and obvious fact that this can create a lesser amount of food waste. This means that it will eventually pay for itself as there will no longer be a need to buy as much food just to get the exactly the same juice amount. This also places itself ahead or most masticating juicers since it easily creates more types of food made possible by the special nozzle attachments. With all its exciting features that you cannot find in other juicers, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be getting one for yourself.

If you want to live a healthier life and enjoy delicious and nutritious treats every single day, make sure that you choose the best masticating juicer like Omega J8006 and experience how different it is from your traditional juicers!

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